Rhiyz – Restorative Holistic Integrated Yoga Zone offers the all encompassing benefits of Yoga through its approach that integrates a therapeutic & effective practice. The sessions are founded on the key principles of Yoga, Aromatherapy & Meditation.

Yoga, as a holistic therapy can benefit anything tied to mental, physical and emotional balancing & nurturing. Stretching & strengthening the muscles, hydrating & rotating articulations, increasing coordination , concentration, focus and energy levels among other benefits of a therapeutic nature such as lowering blood pressure, circulation, increased stamina and the reduction of stress levels through its regular inclusion in our daily lives.

Despite its benefits, Yoga isn’t meant as a replacement for regular medical care. Let your doctor know you’re trying it out and be sure to follow any treatment you may have ongoing.

In it´s essence yoga branches out extending to the needs of those who seek it for what they associate it with.

Flexibility is an element of yoga which isn´t only founded within the physical body and through material benefits of the flesh, yoga is the flexibility itself for what it´s purposeful essence is, and, moreover, as there are numerous kinds of yoga practices available, there are also in the same quantity those who seek the yoga within themselves through the practices they chose to include in their daily lives.

The Yin Yang Yoga Sessions are established on Intelligent cues that direct ones attention to breath and draw ones attention to movement in full awareness as led through passive and active postures, free of physical force or judgement.

The Yoga Therapy/Alignment sessions are also founded within the same guidelines whilst also extending hands on adjustments and more assistance to the personal requirements on an individual level.