What is it you do?

<span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">What is it you do?</span>

What is it you do?

Yoga therapy & Alignment

What is it and how do you integrate other Holistic Therapies with Yoga?

Yoga Therapy & Alignment boasts all the benefits that Yoga practices encompass from the progress it extends through its regular practice..with the inclusion of and application of other Holistic elements from Aromatherapy & body massage to deep relaxation and Meditation & intelligent cues complemented by hands on adjustments during the practice.

Yoga Therapy stems from the same traditional Yoga of Patangali and Ayurvedic practices relative to the adaptation and application of Yoga techniques and practices to benefit individuals and facilitate health or daily challenges for almost all levels of health; Reducing the symptoms, restoring the balance, increasing energy levels and altering ones outlook.

Yoga Therapy adapts the practice of Yoga to the essential needs of people with specific conditions or without.

When someone seeks the assistance of Yoga Therapy, the practice becomes more Holistic, empowering, personalized and addresses the individual health issues in a multi dimensional manner, alleviates pain or simply is the boost needed.

By its definition Yoga Therapy is a process through the application of Yoga which assists individuals to Rhiyz onward and upward toward increased health and wellness progressively & holistically.

Yoga Therapy applies Yoga postures, breathing and methods of relaxation to complement the individuals needs and includes a variety of mind and body practices, from posture related & breathing exercises to deep mindful relaxation and meditation. Yoga Therapy structures these elements the needs of the individuals, assisting in promoting an all round positive & Holistic impact.


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