Source to you

Source to you

So, this morning I woke up and did my usual personal care routine of which some new habits that I’ve cultivated over the last months have enabled me to implement more natural solutions into my life and reduce the amount of toxic but very well advertised stuff.

Aside from the fact that I have actually reduced my trash foot print by creating a number of products for my body, skin and house, I’ve also been very empowered by the fresh start 30 days of building new habits has done to enhance my life and that of the people that I have shared these optimizing ideas with. is a site that directly takes you you the providence of the essential oil you purchased. DoTERRA are not just a brand name with the highest possible quality, but also a shared success that creates sustainability, and brings it into the lives of those who start to include it in their everyday lives.

For more log onto or send me a message here, let me know how I can help you create a more sustainable, healthy and affluent life through the cultivation of empowering habits that will educate you in the process and enlighten the way you view products on the shelves branded or unbranded.

Log onto Facebook & check out Rhiyz Aromatherapy Workshops keep up with the events, make and take workshops designed to simplify the process of implementing certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and join the group Natural Essential Aroma Solutions Malta to try some of the reciepes posted daily to make the natural solution optimization of your life easier and more accesible.

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