Restorative Holistic Integrated Yoga Zone – Rhiyz

Restorative Holistic Integrated Yoga Zone – Rhiyz

Interview by Aedyn Jak a Yoga Therapy & Alignment client, author of Magic Rope,
Disquiet Milk & budding film director check out his webpage

1) Why Yoga?

Yoga unites the mind with the body. It is internal, external and innermost or physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga is a Science that liberates one’s mind from the bondage of the body and leads it to the soul, the soul is freed and thereafter is left in peace and tranquility. Yoga because once tasted and felt that liberation becomes the norm and through its regular practice benefits beyond one’s imagination to facilitate the rest of life. Basically, if a bird is kept in a cage, it has no possibility of movement. The moment the cage is opened, the bird flies out and seizes its freedom. We attain the same freedom when the mind is released from the bondage of the body and comes to rest on the lap of the soul.

2) When did Yoga become an important facet of your life?

Yoga was introduced to me while I was living in London. It was in 2006 & to be honest I thought it wasn’t for me…little did I know that in 2012 I would start doing yoga and never look back. It happened at a point in my life when I was looking to really, free my mind from the shackles of self-criticism and self-judgement. I was overweight when I had started, but, with the will to try and engage my body in movements and postures that would allow me to free my mind from the chains I felt tied down to. I quickly became absolutely involved in it and planned after just a month to one day do the teacher training course, which I attained last year while on my journey of self-discovery without boundaries, inhibitions and conditioning. Thanks to deepening my practice.

3) What makes your form of Yoga unique?

As the essence of the tree is contained in the fruit, so too the essence of your practice is contained in its fruit, as Iyenger said in one of his many books. Yoga is primarily for individual growth, it works on everyone for his or her growth and development physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, according to their needs. There is immense equilibrium to be achieved between the philosophical and practical life. I practice all kinds of Yoga apart from Arco, though I’m willing to engage in it no inhibitions. However so, I approach Yoga as a Holistic Therapy that enhances the body, frees the mind and unconditions the soul, in doing so bringing health and harmony to ourselves and those around us. Treating Yoga as a Holistic Science allows me to work on consciousness, intelligence, senses and flesh.

4)What are the immediate benefits of doing Yoga practice.

The benefits of Yoga are endless, apart from feeling taller and more mobile, also more serene and relaxed, one can feel the overall harmony of the freed mind and shackle free body, while the soul feels peaceful and at ease all in sync.
Yoga allows the connection of movement with the breath, through conscious movements led by breath at a pace that is one’s own. Within that comforting space which is created for yourself. Through the intelligently led practice, one reaps immediate consciousness and energy distribution. One feels their body, some even for the first time. Sustaining your nervous system causes immediate effect. Coordination and concord rolled into a Holistic Yoga Therapy practice.

5)What sort of people seem to enjoy your Yoga practice

Well in all honesty. I offer Holistic Yoga Therapy/Alignment & Yin Yang Yoga & Alignment to all those who wish to access tools that maintain balance in life. Everyone who comes for a session, comes with the intent to create a sacred space for themselves to harmonize and synchronize their mind, body and soul. Elderly people find they cope very well at the pace we practice, people with injuries find solace in the modifications, obese and overweight individuals also approach their practice with an open mind and a desire to accept themselves and be accepted. Then there are those who feel it’s not for them although they leave feeling satisfied overall. So, all in all, I believe that Yoga is for everyone and approaching it Holistically facilitates its purpose within each individual need of the person sharing the practice.

6)Do you have any other Holistic practices besides Yoga?

I am a licensed Aromatherapist and body therapist. I’m a wellness advocate for certified therapeutic grade DoTERRA  organic & pure essential oils which I use therapeutically and integrate in all my practices. I do stress relief chair massage too and I recently studied Thai Yoga massage while living in Thailand. I am currently working on a small project involving lovers, men and couples for 2018 and I also host retreats & workshops in Gozo & Malta. I have an affinity for crafts which has led me to make my own Yoga Therapy bolsters and pillows.

7)Would you describe yourself as a hippie or a vegan?

As far as the question of lifestyle & diet is concerned, Mind is a product of food so food will affect the mind, food not only being what we ingest physically, but also mentally and spiritually. The asanas and postures in Yoga are but the tip of the iceberg, the Yoga trees’ thick root is the iceberg base, which lies hidden within the innermost and its depth is one’s profundity. I like to think of my lifestyle as wholesome and progressive, and my diet as individual according to my needs, in alignment with my energy level requirements. Referring to ‘diet’ it’s been a long learning curve of fluctuations however so, I believe maintaining the balance has been the key of the progress of living in the process. Looking onto the elements of wholeness within one’s individual needs and not being misled by the names of trends to follow through nourishing oneself and cultivating habits that are the daily requirements of one’s lifestyle and dietary requisites.

8)Give us three short sentences that represent your philosophy

1) I can and I will (Me)
2) those who don’t believe in magic will never find it (Roald Dahl)
3) And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music (Friedrich Nietzsche)

9)Do you use crystals and do you have a favourite

Crystals, minerals stones and metals are the salt of the earth yonks before humans, as the remnants of star dust had been left here for us to discover and use. Some also facilitate the innovation of science and technology like microchips and conductors of electricity.
They are decorative but their essence is so much more than that.
I do use crystals and carry them with me. They are energetically charged by the earth and retain energies, they also give them off. Some are magnetic like hematite and some are cleansing like Himalayan rock salt which reaps huge benefits for example anti-oxidant and de-stressing environments through the emission of ions in its atmosphere when heated. Stones & crystals have been use within the holistic sectors globally through therapies such as Reiki & also physical massage therapies such as hot stone massage. I have many favourites but presently my stones and crystals of choice are the Lapis Lazuli as it stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity. It is associated with confronting and speaking one’s truth and inspiring confidence & the Black Tourmaline known as the earth protector, keeps an electric charge, as it is pyroelectric (meaning it can generate electricity when heated), as well as piezoelectric (meaning it can store an electrical charge), causing it to release negative ions and far infrared radiation – these are very beneficial for health. This incredible stone is associated with protection, grounding, health, happiness, luck, and positivity.

10) What music do you like listening to and is music integral to you

Music is life, light & the frequency of one’s soul. The beat of one’s heart has a rhythm that dances through the motion of one’s breath within life & thereafter. I love all frequencies, beats, biurals and vibrations that resonate with my innermost.

11)Do you have a favourite place in Malta? What about abroad?

Malta is my treasure island so many secret magical places, some more majestic than others. I love untarnished nature and the elements that nourish it. Ahrax tal Melliha ‘slugs bay’ (because of the resident ampleness of the sea cucumber) is a creek with so many naturally placed stones, rocks and crevice’s, embellishing this idyllic lagoon that requires an adventure to seep down to. Making it a haven, for being one with nature in all its tranquil awe & splendour. I love it. Koh Tao in the gulf of Thailand has some spots I too find spectacular. But one specific place in Chalok, a small bay submerged in large sanded down by time rocks & large trees, heavily dressed in birds, butterflies & bees. These places allow my senses to nourish themselves to the sounds of nature like a tantric orgasm.

12)If you could give one piece of advice when it comes to people and nature what would it be?

Love. Love Love LOVE Yourself & your surroundings. Care for yourself and that which surrounds you. Give yourself the time to love yourself and your spaces within and without. Be with yourself and connect with nature around you, through the interaction of what motivates you. cultivate a life of living passion and enthusiasm (ohm varunam namaha I live my life in living passion and enthusiasm).
Nourishing yourself is essence to your amazingness. The way you perceive and interact with your surroundings reflects how you feel about yourself. Loving yourself is indicative of your successful life. Love yourself because you can’t give of an empty cup. Love yourself no matter what. You are not a mistake you made or the outfit you wear. You are love and love is you. Emit it, share it, give it, be it, do it for yourself. Love because it all comes back to you through universal connectedness.
Marianne Williamson has been inspiring my journey & empowering me This quote has been a mantra
‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure, it is our light not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented & fabulous? Well, Who are you not to be?’


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