Phat or Fat???

Phat or Fat???


The bare truth stands in front of acceptance.  In truth, I’m here baring all to make a point. Many beautiful women try to fit into the neat little box beauty magazines ‘enlighten’ us with, (not that I’m against in any way peoples choices) when in reality these beauty magazines don’t come with their story lines and daily routines that we live fully in our own perceptions from our own levels of consciousness….meanwhile, self loathing takes its space within and niggling desires to fulfill expectations rather than accept ones own and hold space for ourselves.

I don’t know everyone’s deepest and darkest, so here I share mine. Today I open a Yoga Class at 7:30pm on Monday and Friday  surrounded by the principles of Yoga to accept ones own and surrender to the process of change notwithstanding the demands made by the standard of what should be but rather what is. I invite you to sign up for The Self Acceptance Yoga Journey an 8 week course that will allow you to open up and share space on the Yoga mat with like minded individuals whilst holding space for ourselves and each other.

Create an awareness  of the physical body, learn how to cultivate a love for movement within and without physical and mental boundaries that have conditioned your self awareness overtime.

This 8 week journey will open up new horizons and enable you to reach new heights  through a ‘Rhiyz’ that will enhance your perception of self and connection with others.

Cultivate inner & physical strength, through thorough strategies, holistically integrated and enhanced by your own breath & physical ability to increase your metabolism, enhance your digestive system and raise your levels of mobility.

This is not a miracle pill, it is an introductory method to enhance your life, increase your physical strength and enable a more flexible outlook on oneself and that with which we connect with.

For more information about the Yin Yang Yoga or Yoga Therapy/Alignment sessions, The Self Acceptance Yoga 8 week Journey dates and fees or for a free consultation email or find Rhiyz on Facebook


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