Occupational Yoga in Paradise

Occupational Yoga in Paradise

Occupational yoga week, Malta

 April 30th – May 7th 2018, Gozo

Organizations and individuals can improve their corporate performance via Occupational Yoga, but do they know why, how and when to apply yoga therapies…

A Holistic learning program


Symbiosis of spirituality and efficiency in corporate world is an innovative and relevant area in todays dynamic, volatile and knowledge-driven markets. The evolution of technologies, the speed of activities and adaptability of strategies, more opportunistic, interactive and intuitive communication among stakeholders as well as acceleration of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability movements create a business environment which requires multi-disciplinary, holistic and context-specific competences. Such pressures might be too stressful for business professionals and managers.

Moreover, creativity and innovation derive from divergent thinking, thus, spiritual practices and knowledge of our own body (for instance, brain and breathing) is necessary. From the top managers’ and creative leaders’ perspective, it is difficult to motivate employees if they do not love themselves, their work, and their target audience.

The strength of the program is related to our team of facilitators: international level expertise is brought by a University Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a Spirituality Practitioner – Occupational Yoga Alignment Therapist.

Given profound knowledge and skills, related to business models and strategies, as well as advanced occupation yoga techniques, we will free up individual and organizational creativity, will focus on participants’ health, well-being and knowledge, and will try to align individuals with the ultimate.

Moreover, while applying innovative “Spirituality and Business Performance Optimization Matrix”, participants will start their transformation towards more spiritual individuals, who can make their organizations sustainable via innovative and healthy work climate. The acknowledgement and practical application of yoga and business performance optimization techniques are the first steps in individual transformation to motivated, healthy, spiritual and successful business professionals.

Held in Gozo, with authentic and breathtaking views of Malta and some buildings (Ġgantija Temples) listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, dating back to between 3600 and 3200 B.C., the program will focus on symbiosis of Occupational Yoga and Business performance optimization and will reach a set of effects: attention and focus for a longer time and with greater ease, inclusion of diverse activities, sense of security, rich multi-disciplinary knowledge on work environment and performance optimization, physical and mental health benefits, creativity systems and employees’ satisfaction, management of time and stress, improved coordination and monitoring.

Therefore, the main goal for the learning program is to teach participants how to optimize business processes via less harmful spirituality and creativity enhancement techniques (including yoga therapies), ingenious knowledge on our bodies and accompanying deficiencies, and how to initiate the personal change and affect the work reality. The program’s agenda provides practical and accessible tools that can be applied in business. Driven by occupational yoga therapies, it provides energy and inspiration to unpack insights, new behaviors, strategic partnerships, knowledge and innovation.

Overall, the program agenda includes:


  1. 4 days of learning sessions with 2 hours of workshops on business performance optimization and 2 hours of occupational yoga therapy per day (16 hours in total):
  • Creativity, talent, innovation and efficiency identification sessions and alleviation of the main challenges at participants’ workplace
  • Body and energy screening via intelligent yoga movements and identification of points to elevate in each participant
  • Acknowledgement of occupational impact of yoga on individual and organizational performance; introduction of successful and therapeutic yoga measures as well as guidelines how to integrate spiritual techniques at work life
  • Identification of organizational barriers and risks to occupational yoga therapies
  • Revealing mechanisms of combining yoga with business performance optimization and training transfer tools
  1. Exploration of spiritual sites of Malta to facilitate the leaning and healing process and interactive research
  2. Afternoon group activities (astrology reading and creativity enhancement activities)
  3. Guidance for optional extra activities


GILE Experts and Facilitator


Dr. Mindaugas Lauzikas (Malta, Lithuania), Innovation

Mindaugas Lauzikas (Dr. of Economic Sciences, France) is currently lecturing at various universities and business schools worldwide (South Korea, France, Sweden, Spain, Georgia, and etc.); Director of GILE Experts Limited (Malta), Expert of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Human Resource Management; Leader of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor; having over 7 years’ experience of teaching and co-ordinating study programs; actively consulting organizations in the fields of strategic management, creativity, performance optimization,  and business intelligence.


Rebekah Debono(Malta), Occupational Yoga Therapy

CIBTAC qualified holistic therapist, specializing in aromatherapy, reiki, stress relief meditation & body massage, and muscle manipulation. Rebekah Debono is a Yoga Alliance qualified, Yoga Therapy & Alignment, teacher & practitioner. As an innovative entrepreneur, Rebekah has cultivated many experiences over the last 12 years as a freelance practitioner. These have magnified into the creation of Rhiyz (http://www.rhiyz.com/ ) and the Yoga Therapy & Alignment sessions. Quarterly, she also offers all-inclusive Holistic Yoga retreats and innovative learning programs on occupational/ corporate Yoga.


  • 1000 Euro Single occupancy at luxurious farm house-style villa in Gozo
  • 1200 Euro Double occupancy at luxurious farm house-style villa in Gozo
  • Travel to Malta (Gozo), airport transfer, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are not included and neither are extra evening activities or excursions, though recommendations can be made and service to take you there & back can also be provided. Fresh fruit, tea and water will be available after all yoga sessions.

Monday 30th April 2018: arrival

Monday 7th May 2018: departure

After the online registration to the program, you will receive the information with our account details. The number of the available places in the learning program is limited.

You may register or receive the additional information on the learning program sending us an email to: contact@gileexperts.com or RebekahRhiyz@gmail.com

Information is also provided by telephone: +37068133560 or +35699491380.

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