Introducing Intelligent Touch

Introducing Intelligent Touch

This past year, I have encased my life in the DoTERRA cocoon. For those who don’t know or haven’t heard about it, it’s more than just a brand or product.

Actually, in a nutshell, it was an insightful and inspirational group of healthcare professionals who shared a profound vision about setting a standard within the alternative world of healthcare remedies and treatments complementing the conventional world of medicine and its healing methods.

Their vision became DoTERRA and the standard was set, as more and more people made contact with it,  through the application, inclusion & transmission of their vision in the form of 100% certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and blends.

Through DoTERRA, I have received a gift which I consistently share with the people I make contact with through my therapies & practices.

Today, I want to offer some insight about the fantastically beneficial Aromatouch treatment which I offer through the Yoga sessions and also as a therapy of its own.

The Aromatouch technique, has been proven through its hands on practice to increase your overall experience through the transmission of the DoTERRA CPTG essential oils together with the application of a simple non invasive step by step method. Specific synergistic blends are applied topically, propelling you into a profound wellness journey, and offering you benefits that will leave you refreshed for days.

For a free consultation log onto and for more information about the treatment or to book kindly email or find Rhiyz on Facebook

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