Don’t analyze it, Meditate through it!

Don’t analyze it, Meditate through it!

Whereever you are whatever you do, it’s always necessary to step aside from the daily norms to fill your cup & create a gap beyond the conventionals of your routines. Rhiyz represents self care, nourishment and wellness through little rituals made up of professionally recommended techniques like Yoga Therapy Alignment, Aromatherapy, Meditation & Reiki that have the potential to drastically optimize your life.

Have you ever said I have so much on my mind & so much to do and start worrying about not being able to finish when you hadn’t even started? Well, I was guilty as ever of this for a long time.

Today things are a bit different. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by duty and responsibility, I sit quietly take a deep inhalation hold for 5 seconds and exhale. I repeat this process until I can’t hear myself think anymore.

Does it work? how is this possible I hear you say. Silencing the mind, creates space for priorities or maybe that stillness eliminates the urge of importance for what you may have been overthinking. The point is that Meditation is the refuge you have the power to create when the monkey mind is getting the best of you.

Meditation is thought of by medical professionals such as Dr Andrew Aguis director of the Pain clinic in Paola Malta, as a great way to lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels, enhance focus & attention and more importantly lower the production of cortisol in your body thus cultivating homostatis.

Stress has become the main cause of heart attacks, strokes & many other chronic complications as quoted from the ‘hacking into creativity’ blog post on Rhiyz blogs.

Thus, meditating regularly, has been proven to reduce hypertension and many doctors globally also now recommend it to help alleviate anxiety, depression, eating disorders and even addictions. While this is all very positive, it is only the beginning.

For some people meditation helps improve their creative and critical thinking abilities. Others find it helps to increase energy levels and improve concentration.

The fundamental question is, how can this silence be created through the process of inhaling & exhaling to calm the mind and still it?

Basically, meditation makes it easier for us to be productive in our busy and distracting world. Observing yourself through guided meditation is a powerful tool to tune into your mind, body & inner self.

Guided meditation allows the establishment of a connection within yourself, freeing your mind and gaining the ability to witness yourself in the true essence of the self. Free of all constraints of the mind.

To give it a go and answer those questions yourself, Join Grazielle Camilleri lifestyle blogger & me Rebekah Debono on the 9th June Saturday @ 6pm at Riviera Martinique where we will host a beginner’s Chakra Gemstone Meditation.

Let me know how I can help you 🙂



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