Connections, integration and harmony

Connections, integration and harmony

Diversity blossoms everywhere light falls. So, wherever light is shed, growth, a new height or the flourishing of something hidden or unknown to us, sprouts in the form of our intent.

It is thought that a little challenge can enhance your confidence and increase your perception of the critical self. Doing something that is completely out of your comfort zone may require courage, and once conquered, can bloom into something absolutely unreal to the reality of ones views after the challenge is undertaken.

I recently watched a really interesting video presentation on, it was about how doing something for thirty days can become a habit. So I decided I will give this challenge a shot.

I’m trying to do something, that I have been hiding from for a while now. I have decided I will go all the way. (Stay tuned to Rhiyz on Facebook for updates).

I suppose that the same way one can cultivate bad habits, alternatively one can also sow seeds of creativity to enhance oneself and/or others.

Connecting with something you’re passionate about, integrating it into your everyday life and harmonizing with the flourishing beauty of the new heights you reach for 30 days.

2018 is round the corner what higher perspectives are on the horizon? which seeds shall you reap at the end of 2019? do you wish to cultivate any new habits ?

30 days, give it a shot! Check out the link

Let me know how your good habit cultivation is going, send me and email to or connect with me on facebook

p.s Don’t forget to enjoy the challenges you choose to enhance yourselves, keep harmony within while integrating the connection towards the best version of you.

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